Microsoft is developing an Edge version optimized for Apple’s M1 processor

Apple’s ARM processor, which appears to be more powerful than Intel’s strongest desktop processor, has surprised the PC industry. Apple says the M1 SoC has the world’s fastest low-power CPU core, the world’s best CPU performance per watt, and the world’s fastest PC integrated graphics chip, and various early benchmarks have shown that Apple’s claims about its M1 chip are true.

With the chip’s arrival, several companies have announced software optimized for ARM processors, including Adobe and Google and Mozilla.

Now Microsoft has joined them, announcing that it is developing a specially optimized version of Edge for Apple’s M1 processor, a development that should be welcomed by a handful of Edge fans on macOS.

The current M1 processor-based MacBook is fully able to run x86 applications through the compatibility tier, but the performance is good, but not as good as native applications, especially the chrome browser and Firefox 84 beta that have just completed native support.

Microsoft is developing an Edge version optimized for Apple's M1 processor