“Wonder Woman 1984” theater streaming media simultaneous release domestic release period or ahead of schedule

The latest news from Warner Bros. officials, given the impact of the outbreak, “Wonder Woman 1984” in the U.S. period remains unchanged, still for December 25, but the release mode has been changed to the theater line and streaming media on-streaming. It should be noted that, according to officially released information, only HBO Max users in the United States can stream the film on December 25 without additional subscription fees.

Elsewhere, Wonder Woman 1984 will still be released through the cinema, withmedia reporting that Warner will bring forward the release date of films from other regions, said to be December 16 (this is yet to be officially confirmed by Warner, including domestic).

Official New Trailer:

After the story in the first Wonder Woman film ends, Diana (Gail Geddo) lives on the world for more than 60 years, with the sequel coming back to the 1980s, one of Hollywood’s funniest years. Although this day may seem a little far away from us, what happened at that time was more up-to-date than we thought.