Boeing 737 Max series aircraft allowed to resume flights Public opinion still do not buy?

On November 18, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that the Boeing 737 Max series had been allowed to resume flights. Earlier, the aircraft has been grounded for about 20 months due to two crashes and 346 deaths, resulting in huge economic losses. Despite efforts by U.S. government officials and Boeing executives to restore public trust in the aircraft since the suspension, Boeing employees, families of the crash victims and members of the community have expressed concern about the safety of the re-flying aircraft, and the future of the Boeing 737 Max is bleak as the new crown outbreak continues to hit the airline industry.

Original title: North American observation Boeing 737 Max series aircraft was allowed to resume flights Public opinion still do not buy? Source: CCTV News Client

Boeing 737 Max series aircraft allowed to resume flights Public opinion still do not buy?

CNN reported that the Boeing 737 Max was allowed to re-fly passengers

It’s a tough road to re-fly

On March 10, 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed during take-off, killing all on board, with 157 people on board. The aircraft was grounded after civil aviation authorities and airlines expressed concerns about the safety of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft because it belonged to the same aircraft as the October 2018 crash of Indonesia’s Lion Air, which killed all 189 people.

The 737 Max has caused two major crashes in a row, causing global concern. The cause of the crash is thought to be related to the design defects of the aircraft’s anti-speed automatic control system. In order for the 737 Max to return to flight, Boeing must fix system defects and pass FEDERAL Aviation Administration approval.

In September, Congress said in a report on the crash that both crashes stemmed from “a series of false assumptions by Boeing engineers, a deep lack of transparency in Boeing’s management’s operations, and a failure to regulate the Federal Aviation Administration”. In addition, pilot error is also considered to be an important cause of the two crashes. Not only that, but Boeing’s competition with its European rival Airbus has put pressure on it, potentially creating a safety hazard for the 737 Max’s development and manufacturing.

To avoid a repeat of the tragedy, the Federal Aviation Administration said it must ensure that the Boeing 737 Max makes “necessary changes” before it can carry passengers again. The Washington Post said the FAA conducted an “unprecedented” review of the aircraft and asked pilots to complete additional special training that had not been done before. In addition, the modified aircraft will combine information from two external sensors to avoid as much as possible the potentially fatal effects of mis-information from one sensor. In addition, Boeing said it had conducted an in-depth review of the aircraft’s systems “to ensure that the updated aircraft can become the industry’s top product after considering multiple opinions.”

However, while the Boeing 737 Max has been allowed to resume flights, airlines may need fewer weeks and months to complete steps such as aircraft testing and pilot training. So far, only American Airlines has added the Boeing 737 Max to its recent flight plans and has scheduled several round-trip routes between Miami and New York between late December and early January, CNN reported. Southwest Airlines, which has the most aircraft, is on the sidelines and says it won’t be open until spring 2021. United Airlines also said the aircraft will not start carrying passengers until early next year.

Boeing 737 Max series aircraft allowed to resume flights Public opinion still do not buy?

The Federal Aviation Administration finally approved the return of the Boeing 737 Max after crashes in 2018 and 2019, according to the Washington Post

Public opinion is more questionable

The investigation into how to repair the Boeing 737 Max was scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2019, but has been repeatedly delayed as new questions have arisen, CNN reported. Even so, the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing are positive about the return of the Boeing 737 Max.

While the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing are confident that the Boeing 737 Max will return, regulators and companies’ already damaged reputations may not recover quickly. The Washington Post notes that the FAA’s false commitment to Max’s safety in 2017 and its indecision to ground the aircraft after the crash have cost the government public trust and support. There is still a long way to go to restore trust.

At present, the community is not only concerned about the safety of the Boeing 737 Max, but also whether pilots receive adequate professional training. CNN reported that many Boeing employees had privately questioned the safety of the Boeing 737 Max before it was allowed to resume flights. The report quoted an employee as saying he “wouldn’t let his family fly the plane” and another even said the plane was “designed by monkey-controlled clowns.”

In addition, the families of the victims of the crash also expressed doubts about the resumption of flights of the Boeing 737 Max. Many of the victims’ families believe that Boeing has many problems with the design of the aircraft, which could pose a huge safety risk. It would therefore be wrong for the FAA to approve its resumption of flights. For example, the father of Ethiopian Airlines crash victim Samaya Ross Stumo says the FAA should add a third sensor to the plane to determine if it is in danger of losing speed. In addition, there should be adjustments in the way pilots receive alerts. “Boeing hasn’t solved these problems yet,” the father said. People should avoid flying the 737 Max in the future. As the families of the victims, we hope to avoid a third crash. “

Boeing 737 Max series aircraft allowed to resume flights Public opinion still do not buy?

The Wall Street Journal says the Boeing 737 Max was allowed to resume flights, but the new crown outbreak has dampened demand for it

The road to recovery is long

According to the Washington Post, Boeing created more than 450 of the Boeing 737 Max’s 737 Max aircraft, which were in operation around the world when it was grounded. Not only that, according to the Wall Street Journal, many of the aircraft’s customers have canceled orders or extended pick-up times because of delays in the delivery of the Boeing 737 Max in 2020. None of these factors is good news for the future of the model. CNN says the suspension has cost Boeing more than $20 billion.

Now, after a 20-month ban on flights, Boeing will have the opportunity to begin handing over more than 450 previously crafted 737 Max aircraft and will handle a backlog of orders. In addition, American Airlines will become the first airline division to restore 737 Max to commercial service by the end of December. While these factors may seem positive, the outlook for the Boeing 737 Max is bleak in the context of the great recession across the industry.

Airlines around the world are facing severe economic difficulties as a result of the new crown outbreak, with tens of thousands of employees forced to shut down or laid off, which many observers say will put plans to buy planes on hold. The outbreak has led to a sharp drop in passenger traffic compared to the past, with airlines cutting jobs and other losses, further reducing demand for aircraft.

More seriously, the outbreak in the United States has not only failed to ease, but has recently spiralled almost out of control. In this case, many experts say, the airline industry has been unable to recover in recent years, and it will be an industry-wide winter, affecting more than just certain aircraft. (CCTV reporter GuXiang)