Samsung’s collapsible phone for $1,000: Will you buy the Galaxy Z Flip Lite?

If the price is more affordable, the device is more durable, I believe many users are still willing to try folding mobile phones. It will still be some time before the collapsible phones become popular, and as a major driver of the industry, samsung is rumoured to be developing a more popular collapsible phone. Note, however, that this folding phone looks closer to the Galaxy Z Flip than the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung's collapsible phone for $1,000: Will you buy the Galaxy Z Flip Lite?

First, a flip design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip can significantly reduce costs, with smaller foldable screens, smaller battery capacity, and smaller camera components. And in terms of specifications, the machine will not be equipped with a top-of-the-line SnapDragon processor, but will be equipped with a sub-flagship processor similar to the SnapDragon 765G.

Ross Young, of DisplaySearch, says the user-owned collapsible device will still be protected with UTG ultra-thin glass. This is the same material samsung uses in the latest generation of collapsible phones, making them less vulnerable to scratches and debris.

More interestingly, however, Samsung is targeting mass production, suggesting that the Galaxy Z Flip Lite will be much cheaper than the $1,500 Galaxy Z Flip 5G. However, it is not known whether it will be able to reach below $1000 after listing. What’s more, the price is still too high for the average consumer, and even if Galaxy Z Flip Lite launches a new, still expensive phone, how many consumers will want to buy it?