This photo taken by the astronauts from the space station is breathtaking

According to foreign media BGR, astronauts on the International Space Station can enjoy many unique views. The orbiting lab can orbit the Earth in just 92 minutes for a week, so astronauts can keep seeing sunrises, sunsets and all the stars they might want. It also makes the space station an ideal place to take time-lapse photography, as NASA’s Christina Koch did.


Typically, a time-lapse photographic image showing so much star activity takes a whole night to capture, but it takes only 11 minutes because of the speed at which the International Space Station orbits the Earth. This is the result of about 400 separate photographs captured by the space station as it passed through large areas of Africa.


There’s a lot to see in this photo, and NASA has provided people with information about what all these colors represent in the photo:

The image includes many of the natural and man-made light that astronauts may see in their nightly orbits. On the ground, stationary features, such as cities, appear as yellow-and-white dot streaks; Many of the finer dotted lines with darker orange tones are burning in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The highlight of the streakyou you see is actually lightning from a thunderstorm through Africa. The green light you see on the horizon is actually the earth’s upper atmosphere.

The 61st Expeditionary Corps astronauts currently stationed on the International Space Station include three NASA scientists, two Russian cosmonauts and one from the European Space Agency. This work will continue until early 2020.

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