Quebec, Canada, will ban the sale of new gasoline cars in 2035

Following the UK, another region announced that it would ban the sale of new petrol cars. Quebec, Canada’s second-most populous province, recently announced a ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars from 2035,media reported. Francois Legault, the province’s governor, told reporters that it was part of a $5.1 billion investment over five years aimed at helping Quebec meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5 percent by 2030 from 1990 levels.

“Our goal is to have 1.5 million electric vehicles on Quebec’s roads by 2030,” according to a statement issued by the Quebec government.

At the same time, the Quebec government says it will electricize the province’s light fleet as much as possible, with 100 percent of the province’s cars, vans and SUVs, as well as 25 percent of pickup trucks, using electric vehicles by 2030.

British Columbia is also understood to have begun phasing out fuel-powered cars and trucks within 20 years, with a total ban on the sale or lease of fuel-powered vehicles in the province by 2040.

In fact, Canada is not the first country to announce a ban on new fuel cars. It comes after britain proposed a ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, while California announced a ban on new fuel cars by 2035.

Quebec, Canada, will ban the sale of new gasoline cars in 2035