Down 400,000 to buy the “Small Model X” Tesla’s second electric SUV or go into production ahead of schedule

Tesla is on track to deliver a small batch of Model Y models by the end of the year, while the new car will begin a production ramp in the first quarter of next year, half a year ahead of expectations. Three of Tesla’s suppliers have been told to deliver parts for Model Y six months in advance, including Union Optronics, Which provides taillights, BizLink (which provides harnesses) and Heda,media said. This means that the Tesla Model Y may start production ahead of schedule.

It follows news that Model Y was released in March this year, with a pre-sale price of 435,000 yuan in China (after the Shanghai Tesla plant goes into production or drops to 400,000). The new car and Model 3 come from the same platform, sharing 75% of the components.

Currently, Model Y is available in four versions, namely, the Standard Life, Long, Dual-Motor All-Wheel And performance and Performance High Performance All-Wheel Drive. The corresponding EPA range is 368km, 480km, 448km, 448km.

It is reported that in addition to the standard battery version of the model, the remaining three models are expected to start delivery to the Chinese market in 2021, in the autumn of 2020 to start production model Y, but the latest news shows that the production time will be advanced to the summer of 2020.

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