The Game of Throne 2DB says they deliberately don’t listen to fans, but Khal Drogo was chosen according to the fan’s opinion.

Although “The Game of Thrones” has been over for nearly half a year, the discussion about the eighth season and the two screenwriters is not over. Two of The Right’s screenwriters, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, recently took a question-and-answer session on Twitter, but D.B. Weiss said they hadn’t really heard from fans.

《权游》2DB表示他们故意不听粉丝意见 但是马王却是根据粉丝意见选的

“Have you heard feedback from fans as the story progresses?” the famous tweeter, Needle and Pen, asked on Twitter. “

Dan (D.B. Weiss): “We really haven’t heard of it. “D.B. Weiss doesn’t think the reaction of others is of value.

Another screenwriter, David Benioff, admitted that he had googled “The Game of Thrones” but he was not satisfied, and Dan didn’t.

《权游》2DB表示他们故意不听粉丝意见 但是马王却是根据粉丝意见选的

But while 2DB didn’t take fans’ opinions into account, former “Khal Drogo” actor Jason Moma made the decision after they looked at the fan page.

《权游》2DB表示他们故意不听粉丝意见 但是马王却是根据粉丝意见选的

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