Merkel says 5G needs higher safety standards should not ban individual suppliers “from the start”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany’s 5G technology should have higher safety standards than previous generations, but stressed that individual suppliers, including China’s Huawei, should not be banned from participating “from the start,” Bloomberg reported.


“I tend to believe in ourselves in defining high safety standards that are higher than 4G, 3G and 2G, rather than keeping suppliers out in the first place,” Ms Merkel said in a speech on Wednesday. “

Ms Merkel did not name Huawei, but said the full expulsion of individual companies would “isolate us from the entire region”, contrary to Germany’s role as an advocate of open trade.

“We have always advocated fair and free competition, and we have argued for fact-based competition, rather than simply restricting it according to different political systems,” Merkel said. “

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