Ambitious: Los Angeles sets 80% target for electric vehicle sales by 2028

Recently, Los Angeles announced a zero-emissions 2028 road map 2.0. Los Angeles will reduce its total greenhouse gas and air pollution by 25 percent by 2028, according to the plan, which will strengthen the role of electric vehicles. “We can reverse the climate crisis, we can cross industry and city boundaries and stop emitting polluting gases, ” the city’s mayor said.

Ambitious, Los Angeles sets 80% target for electric vehicle sales by 2028

The target is that electric vehicles will account for 30 per cent of all light buses on the road and at least 80 per cent of all vehicles sold; All public investment in ground vehicles and related cargo transport infrastructure will begin to advance zero-emission solutions.

Behind the plan are LACI and TEP, a partnership that includes auto companies such as Audi, BMW, BYD and Tesla, as well as the California Air Resources Agency, utilities and energy companies.

In April, Los Angeles unveiled a green new policy, an ambitious plan to tackle climate change and achieve zero emissions by 2050. The plan calls for increasing the proportion of electric cars in cities from 1.4% in 2018 to 25% in 2050, from 25% in 2050 to 80% in 2035, and eventually 100% by 2050

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