Samsung Joins with Huawei OV Unified Push Alliance: Measured Standby Power Reduction by 30%

On November 28th, the Unified Push Alliance officially announced that Samsung mobile phones had joined the Unified Push Alliance, which expanded its reach to seven major mobile phone brands – Huawei, Glory, OPPO, Realme, One Plus, ZTE and Samsung. Officials said they have received a test application from Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to test Samsung’s mobile system push service in accordance with the alliance standard T-UPA0002-2019 Unified Push Interface Layer Specification. After testing, Samsung mobile phone system push service has met the technical requirements of unified push.

Samsung Joins China OV Unified Push Alliance: Measured Standby Power Reduction by 30%

Samsung’s system messaging service is the first to be supported by the Galaxy A50s (SM-A5070) model, which will be rolled out to all new phones in the future, and will be updated through system upgrades.

In addition, the impact of unified push on mobile phone standby power consumption, the official said, using the Galaxy A50s in 4G network standby 200 minutes of comparative testing, the use of unified push than the application of self-built channel standby power consumption reduced by 30.4%, the effect is significant.

At the same time, the system push service can greatly improve the arrival rate of important messages on the phone (especially in the case of weak networks), reduce the traffic consumption and system resource consumption of the mobile phone’s attempt to make invalid connections.

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