Microsoft Tactical Vehicle Brings Cloud Technology to Military SUVs

Tesla isn’t the only technology company to launch an SUV last week,media reported. In fact, Microsoft is doing the same, it was revealed that Microsoft developed the car called Microsoft Tactical Vehicle. In particular, though, Microsoft is not developing its own new car, as Tesla did, but by injecting their technology into existing SUVs.

Microsoft Tactical Vehicle Brings Cloud Technology to Military SUVs

Earlier this month, Microsoft Tactical Vehicle was shown at The Dahlgren Innovation Day. By leveraging Microsoft’s technology, the SUV has a lot of sensors and computing integration, which is described as a data center with direct access to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

In the demo, Microsoft showed how cars can deliver augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. Thanks to these technologies, future combatants will have more dynamic mission planning capabilities.

And now Microsoft’s relationship with the U.S. military is getting closer. Last month, the company beat Amazon AWS to acquire the controversial $10 billion cloud war program, JEDI. Getting the Pentagon JEDI contract is a complex process. Other companies have been left out because of a lack of necessary cloud infrastructure.

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