New bug will make Windows 10 undetect external devices connected to Thunderbolt docks

Microsoft has confirmed that newly discovered Windows 10 errors will make it impossible for devices connected through thunderbolt docking stations to detect. This issue affects almost all versions of Windows 10 and is specific to users who have quick start enabled. The company says the problem only occurs 5 percent of the time and if the problem occurs, it can be solved by simply restarting the computer.

New bug will make Windows 10 undetect external devices connected to Thunderbolt docks

Microsoft also shared steps that could trigger the error, and even if all external devices appear in Device Manager, they will be disconnected.

Enable Quick Start on computers running Windows 10 versions 1909, 1903, 1809, 1803, or 1709.

On the Thunderbolt docking station, multiple devices, such as keyboard, mouse and USB dongle, are connected.

If you run into problems, you can try to repeat the following steps:

1. Connect the Thunderbolt dock to your computer and the system will enumerate the devices on the Thunderbolt dock.

2. Press the power button to put the system in a “soft off” (S5) power state, and then remove the Thunderbolt Dock after the screen is off.

3. Wait for the S5 shutdown process to complete, insert the Thunderbolt dock, and then wait five seconds to make the Thunderbolt dock idle.

4. Turn on the computer again. Then, check that the mouse, keyboard and USB key are OK.

As mentioned above, this error is not common, about 5% chance of seizures, can be resolved by a simple restart of the above. Unfortunately, reconnecting the dock without restarting does not solve the problem.

Given that Thunderbolt is still not popular on Windows 10 devices, and that Microsoft’s own Surface product line is not available with Thunderbolt, the bug won’t affect many people. Microsoft has not disclosed any release details about the patch.

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