China Telecom leads 5G super upstream 3GPP standard development is expected to be completed in March next year

Recently, the 3GPP Working Group meeting was held in Reno, USA, and the super-up standard work has made a breakthrough in stages: the standard impact of super-uplink in the three working groups 3GPP RAN1, RAN2 and RAN4 is clear, and the standard writing is expected to be completed by March 2020. In August, China Telecom submitted a super-up technology proposal to 3GPP, the first step in international standards.

In September, Super Uplink was officially incorporated into the 3GPP version 16, defining the standard scope, road signs, and work plan. In November, it was clear that China Telecom led the development of international standards for 5G Super Up3GPP.

China Telecom leads 5G super upstream 3GPP standard development is expected to be completed in March next year

5G Super Upstream is a technology for FDD/TDD time frequency domain multiplexing to increase upstream coverage and capacity. The terminal uses two upstream carriers in time-sharing, sending only one carrier at the same time. Through super upstream technology, the terminal can utilize the upstream resources of low-frequency FDD and high-frequency TDD, realize network coverage, capacity performance improvement, and lower gap delay, and fully meet the needs of 5G era applications for larger upstream traffic and lower latency.

On June 27 this year, China Telecom officially launched the 5G Super Upstream Solution at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, and called on the industry to work together to promote innovation in related solutions.

At present, China Telecom is working with the industry to promote the super-up plan 3GPP international standard development. Taking into account the diversity of requirements, taking into account the selectability of the programme and the complexity of its implementation, the standard work has been widely supported by mainstream operators, network equipment manufacturers, end-chip vendors and end-of-end enterprises around the world.

It is reported that China Telecom in 3GPP to lead the 5G super upstream international standard-setting, including serving as the standard work of the report, presided over and guide the official technical discussions, and lead the standard writing. Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Datang, Ericsson, Samsung and other network equipment manufacturers, Qualcomm, Hyst, MediaTek, Booth, Intel and other chip manufacturers, Apple, Vivo, OPPO, Samsung, LG and other terminal manufacturers, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Japan KDDI, Korea Telecom, France Telecom, Telecom France, Japan KDDI, Korea Telecom, France Telecom, Telecom, Advanced operators such as Verizon in the United States and Dish in the United States are involved.

Up to now, in the super-up area, China Telecom has applied for 19 invention patents, and the number of 3GPP proposals submitted and passed accounts for 90% of the total number of relevant proposals.

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