$1 million young 20-year-old world’s first anti-aging clinical trial approved

The world’s first fee-based clinical trial to reverse aging has been approved by Colombia’s Institutional Ethics Review Commission (IRB), the US gene therapy company Libella has announced. The clinical trial uses the AAV virus (adenovirus-related virus) as a vector to deliver telomerase to the human body, extending the length of the telomeres to reverse aging, and is expected to reverse aging for 20 years.

Telomeres are DNA-protein complexes, and every time a cell divides, the telomeres shorten, and once the telomeres run out, the cells enter an aging state. Telomerase is a ribonucleic acid protein DNA polymerase that can extend telomeres by adding sequences to the ends of chromosomes to compensate for telomere loss.

$1 million young 20-year-old world's first anti-aging clinical trial approved

Dr. William, Libella’s chief scientist, has shown in mouse experiments that the gene therapy can slow aging and extend life.

The clinical trial program recruits five participants over the age of 45 who will have to pay $1 million in clinical trial fees if they sign up. Participants are also required to travel to Colombia to sign an informed consent form and receive the gene therapy in a tightly controlled hospital environment.

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