Microsoft Flight Simulation confirms support for VR and ray tracing

“Microsoft Flight Simulation” will return next year, the first in a series since Flight Simulation X in 2006, and its first premiere on the E3 2019 Xbox. Perhaps surprisingly, its developer, Asobo, is known for developing a French studio called The Plague Legend: Innocence.

Microsoft Flight Simulation confirms support for VR and ray tracing

But the studio has been involved in developing many of Microsoft’s games, such as The Disneyland Adventures,” “Zoolander: The Ultimate Animal Collection” and even developing Regeneration Core as an auxiliary studio. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Microsoft Flight Simulation itself is that they also have development experience on Microsoft’s MR HoloLes.

In an interview withmedia outlet Der Standard, the project manager, J?rg Neumann, confirmed that VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulation would be a place of great importance to the studio.

” (VR support) has a high priority and we have many years of experience in VR. We know what a lazy and a good implementation looks like. We want to bring about a good solution, such as cutting off the cockpit and connecting the rest of the world, and then the player is free to move inside, and the world in the background doesn’t start flashing. We’ve started VR, but we want to do it well. “

Neumann later confirmed that the Xbox One would have no trouble running the game because it used an expandable engine. He also mentioned ray-tracing support, thoughmedia speculated that light-tracing might only be supported by pCs and Xbox Scan.

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