Intel CPU’s next three family collective exposure: 14nm 10 core return 8 core

There are growing signs that Intel will use both 10nm and 14nm processes over the next two years, with laptop stogeaching and desktop solely dependent on 14nm. Now, the overall specifications of the 14nm Comet Lake-S/H, Tiger Lake-U/Y, Rocket Lake-H/S series of new products are being squeezed out in one breath.

Start by saying that the two families that have been released are repeated to facilitate the comparison between the future.

10nm Ice Lake is mobile-only, divided into 9W Y series, 15W U series two low-power versions, are up to 4 cores, integrated 11 generation snrinos, up to 64 units, support AVX-512 instruction set, HDMI 2.0b output, memory specification DDR4-3200 64GB, LPDDR4X-3733 32GB.

The 14nm Comet Lake mobile side currently has only 15W U-series, up to 6 cores, core display or 9 generations of low-power version, up to 48 units, support ingres savX-256, HDMI 1.4b, memory specification DDR4-2666 128GB, LPDDR4X-2933 32GB.

Next look at the future.

The 14nm Comet Lake will have two new branches next year, one for the S series with a maximum of 125W 10 core, and one for the H-Series with a maximum of 65W 8 core, which the game would have waited for, while the specs of nuclear display, memory, etc. are much the same as the current Lake Comet-U series.

Next year’s 10nm Tiger Lake is mobile-only, divided into 9W Y series, 28W U series, are up to 4 cores, but since the U-Series thermal design power consumption has increased significantly, the current lack of frequency will certainly eventually be raised.

It will integrate 12 generations of core display, increasing to a maximum of 96 units, and upgrading memory to DDR4-3200 64GB, LPDDR4X-4266 32GB, LPDDR5-5400 32GB, which will be the first.

The following year’s 14nm Rocket Lake is a 15W U series on the mobile side, with up to 6 cores, to complement the 10nm Tiger Lake, and also suggests that 10nm is still not completely unique after more than a year, while the desktop side is the 125W S S series, but only 8 cores at the top. Compared to Comet Lake-S instead, the frequency has skyrocketed?

Rocket Lake fully integrates 12 generationcore snouts, but only 32 units, AVX-256, HDMI 2.0b, up to DDR4-2933 128GB, LPDDR4X-3733 32GB. Not a mess? Did you faint?

Intel CPU's next three family collective exposure: 14nm 10 core return 8 core

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