Game of Thrones season eight Sansa, Tyrion Killer cut first

On Monday, local time, the Game of Thrones official’s twitter account caused a stir online @GameofThrones, according tomedia reports, stemming from its three short words posted on Twitter: Winter is coming.

Game of Thrones season eight Sansa, Tyrion Killer cut first

Unfortunately, however, this seems to be a more exciting Big News story than fans have been expecting – such as George W. Bush. R.R. Martin has completed some of the new twists of the next chapter of writing or hbo’s “The Game of Thrones” — something more prosaic.

Immediately, the account announced the upcoming release of the eighth season of The Right Tour DVD and Blu-ray disc. Obviously, this is in the run-up to the upcoming shopping season.

Game of Thrones season eight Sansa, Tyrion Killer cut first

What’s more, HBO will bring some previously deleted clips to viewers. Entertainment Weekly obtained an exclusive clip of the deleted clip, which took place in the basement of Lindor, but the video was eventually deleted for some unexplained reason.

Just as Jon Snow, Dragon Mom, And Yoo and others were out fighting with the ghost army, the dead Stark clan in the basement turned into a corpse to attack Sansa and others. At this point, Tyrion and Sansa crouched down to look at each other — an expression that seemed to be what you were thinking, what I was thinking, that I didn’t want to die, but if I died I’d be happy to go to Huangquan with you. An important play can also be seen in this cut-out clip, in which Sansa and Tyrion arrive and save them when Kylie, Little Sam, and Missande are close to being killed by a ghost.

It’s impossible to get HBO to remake the final season, but for fans, perhaps the arrival of these cuts will serve as a relief.

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