Netflix still has a huge advantage over the arrival of Disney Plus

Media reported that the launch of Disney Plus appeared to have been an encouraging success, despite problems such as connectivity issues and user account hijackings. On November 12th, local time, the service gained 10m registered users just one day after it went live. Equally impressive, recent figures show that the new streaming service adds 1 million new subscribers a day.

Netflix still has a huge advantage over the arrival of Disney Plus

With its rich content and relatively low prices, Disney Plus has quickly become a streaming player.

And given the success of Disney Plus so far, there is a growing belief that Disney’s fledgling streaming service will eventually pose a threat to Netflix. However, the competition between the streaming giants is not necessarily zero-sum, at least for Netflix and Disney Plus. First, It makes perfect sense that Disney Plus is so cheap that many consumers choose to keep both rather than choose one of them;

So there’s no reason to think that Netflix and Disney Plus can’t coexist and grow at the same time. In fact, that may be why Netflix isn’t worried about Disney’s move into streaming at all.

“We have to keep doing what we’ve been doing, and that’s making the best content and getting it on the shelf,” Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said last month. The more likely you are not being able to act as quickly as we can. In fact, the new competitors are the old ones. “

According to DataData, here’s how:

Netflix sells about 5,800 exclusive films in its streaming library

Netflix currently has more than 3,900 movies and more than 1,800 TV shows

Disney currently has only 800 exclusive films for online viewing

In terms of the amount of content, Netflix’s comparison with Disney does pale in comparison. It’s a battle between apples and oranges, with some claiming that Disney’s content library is of higher quality than Netflix’s. While there may be some advantages in the middle, it’s worth noting that Disney’s stable content also includes a large number of older works.

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