FireFox 3.0 release, Mozilla’s new Android browser

Firefox 3.0 was released (not Firefox’s Preview 3.0, but Firefox Preview’3.0), a new Android web browser launched by Mozilla in the first half of this year. Firefox Previewfox’s rendering engine, GeckoView, was developed by Mozilla itself, and by separating the GeckoView engine from the Firefox application, the development team created an updated, faster and easier way to develop Android applications. Take advantage of GeckoView’s superior performance, privacy, and support for the latest web standards.

FireFox 3.0 release, Mozilla's new Android browser

This new feature brings a more secure and simpleexperience:

Enhanced tracking protection protects users from ads, analytics, encryption, and fingerprint trackers.

Open a link with a private tab by default

Increase the option to clear browsing information on exit

Select the type of browsing information you want to sync between devices

Set autoplay or background behavior for playback of audio/video

View and manage downloads

The updated browser menu has replaced the quick action bar

Ability to manually add search engines

Ability to move the navigation bar to the top or bottom

Force Scale On

Update notes:

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