Do you miss the iPod’s classic wheel? Experience it on your iPhone

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Upi) — An iOS developer is developing an iPhone app that will turn a smartphone into a classic version of the iPod with nostalgic wheel settings. Elvin Hu, a design student at Cooper Union College in New York, has been working on the project since October and shared the app’s early results on Twitter yesterday.

Do you miss the iPod's classic wheel? Experience it on your iPhone

It basically turns your iPhone into a full-screen iPod classic with a wheel that includes haptic feedback and click sound, just like Apple’s very early devices.

It has attracted a lot of interest on Twitter, with even Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, saying it was a “beautiful return”. Irving o’hu set up the app because he was writing a paper on the development of iPods in schools. “I’ve loved Apple products since I was a kid, ” Hu revealed in an email to the magazine The Verge. “Before my family could afford Apple, I would draw the user interface layout of the iPhone on the lid of ferrero’s chocolate box. Apple’s products greatly influenced my decision to design as a career. “

Whether we can use the app, however, depends largely on Apple. “I’ve been working on this project since Last October, and the release depends on Apple’s approval,” Hu admits. “

The app also includes Apple’s old cover streaming feature, a 3D graphical interface that lets you scroll through albums and song artworks to select tracks. Hu has built it above the wheel, and it can also work in landscape mode.

If Apple does block the release ( which is possible), Hu may “see the reaction of the Apple community as an open source project.” The application is still under development, and Hu hopes to complete it by the end of December. If Apple isn’t happy with the app, we can only hope that someone on the iOS team will be nostalgic and use it as the ultimate Easter egg for Apple Music and iPod fans.

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