Opens December 20: Disney releases trailer for “The Best Guide Dogs”

In addition to Netflix’s renewal of “Dogs,” we’re about to see another documentary about guide dogs, Pick of the Best, next month from Disney. The documentary, which will hit Disney Plus on December 20, tells the story of six small milk dogs that have been trained for 20 months to become guide dogs.

Subtitles from Deefun deefun

In this documentary, it tells the story of six small milk dogs, Paco, Pacino, Raffi, Amara, Tulane and Tartan, who grow into a qualified guide dog and may help blind people live.

According to the documentary’s IMDb description: “The best guide dog will be recorded from the birth of the puppy, describing how to grow into a qualified guide dog step by step.” The documentary follows up for two years, and the guide dog’s ultimate responsibility is to protect blind partners from harm. Along the way, the dogs met a very dedicated group of people who trained them to serve humanity and to change the lives of blind people in amazing ways. “

The documentary currently has an audience rating of more than 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is believed to be a film that can make people cry.

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