What if the earth is flat? The atmosphere, the tides, and even the moon will disappear.

Beijing time on November 29, according tomedia reports, the earth is a sphere, which is a simple fact that humans have known for thousands of years. In 1957, the Soviet Union launched its first man-made Earth satellite, which, after all, orbits the Earth for 60 million kilometers.

What if the earth is flat? The atmosphere, the tides, and even the moon will disappear.

If the earth is flat, everything we know so far will cease to exist.

Still, in recent years, a small group of people have emerged on the Internet who insist that the earth is flat, the so-called “geo-flatists”, and that they seem to be sowing the seeds of doubt for this basic fact. Many geoflaters spend a lot of time concocting reasons to explain why the earth looks round, but in fact flat, a argument that clearly contradicts human observations of the Earth over the past few thousand years.

But if our earth is indeed flat (for the time being, whatever it may be), it will be completely different from the other planets we know today, and in fact humans (and everything else) will die through.

To shape a cosmic object into a disk (not a sphere), you have to rotate it very fast. Unfortunately, the Earth will be torn into tiny particles and eventually destroyed. In the 1850s, astronomer James Clark Maxwell mathematically proved that the shape of the disk was not a stable shape for the solids in the universe. Maxwell’s research predicted that Saturn’s rings were made up of many small, unconnected particles, and later detections proved him right, using mathematics to explain why no planet-sized disk floated around the galaxy.

To flatten the earth without fast rotation, you need magic, or a galaxy Panini grill. In any case, a flat earth will not last long. Within a few hours, gravity will re-press the Earth into a sphere, and gravity will act in any direction, which explains why the planet is a sphere (or almost a sphere , depending on the speed at which the planet spins, and the centrifugal force is opposite to gravity, causing a slight uplift at the equator). As Maxwell’s mathematical calculations show, a stable, disk-like solid earth is impossible under the influence of gravity.

Once you get rid of gravity, everything on Earth will soon lose its meaning. Atmosphere? disappeared because it depended on the attraction of the Earth’s gravity. Tide? When they go, they are caused by the gravity of the moon. The moon’s gravity towed the ocean, causing it to expand slightly as the moon wobbles.

The moon itself? It also disappeared, because every explanation of the moon’s existence involved gravity. In the most widely accepted hypothesis, the moon was formed when a giant, planet-sized object hit the early Earth; Another hypothesis is that the moon was formed at the same time as Earth, thanks to gravity again, and that it was possible that the Earth’s powerful gravitational pull attracted and captured large pieces of space rock that passed by.

Simple calculations

Gravity is also the cause of the earth’s stratification structure, the densest material will sink to the core of the earth, lighter material to form the mantle, the lightest material to form the earth’s crust. Without this layering, the Earth’s behavior would be very different, for example, when the Earth’s liquid outer core is like a giant dynamic magnet that creates the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps protect the Earth’s atmosphere from solar wind. When The Martian magnetic field weakened 4 billion years ago, the solar wind blew through the Martian atmosphere.

If the earth is flat, then plate tectonics will not work. The rigid plates that make up the Earth’s crust have been moving, shaping the surface that we see today.

When you do some simple calculations, for example, if the plate moves so much, that plate moves so much, you have to do it on a sphere, and if you assume it’s a plane, you don’t get the right answer (the answer that matches the real-world observation).

The problem is that geo-levelists have different interpretations of real-world observations, and the problem is that they have no basis in mathematical or physical realities. When Maxwell predicted in the 1850s that Saturn’s rings were made up of many small particles, he used common sense about how gravity and rotational motion worked. In fact, most of his articles on the subject are mathematical equations, and the “flat earth” theory is far from that.

The world view of geo-ismists also involves choosing different interpretations for different phenomena. In real life, the earth and the moon are round, because one can quantify the same reason : gravity. Geoflaters must invent their own interpretations of the earth and the moon, and these independent interpretations often contradict each other, which is not how scientific research works.

To put that aside, if the earth is really flat, it means that the countless scientists who have denied geopolitics from ancient times to the present have united in a huge conspiracy for reasons that are completely incomprehensible. It seems that a galaxy Panini grill is more likely to exist.

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