Netizens suspected of taking Cybertruck road test footage near Tesla’s design headquarters

A Tesla Cybertruck appears to have appeared on a highway, although it is not expected to start production until 2021,media reported. On Tuesday, local time, Instagram user @chicago_roy posted a short video on social media that appeared to show the futuristic pickup speeding on the road.

Netizens suspected of taking Cybertruck road test footage near Tesla's design headquarters

The video is believed to have been filmed near Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. At the time, it was likely that a Tesla worker was driving the car.

Cybertruck, Tesla’s first foray into the pickup market, caused a stir, especially with a small oolong that appeared during its demonstration — the window glass that should have been intact but broke after it was hit hard.

Even so, however, has not affected the car’s appeal to consumers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk learned in a tweet Monday that the cross-car has received 250,000 orders.

But that number isn’t entirely credible, after all, Tesla is now accepting “orders” for $100 a car, which is not technically a real order because they are not the ultimate promise or deposit for cybertruck.

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