Pure-electric Version XR-V Dongfeng Honda Siming X-NV will be available on October 30

As the “autonomous” brand built by Dongfeng Honda, Siming returned after several years of silence and brought together the new Siming X-NV. Dongfeng Honda Siming X-NV will be officially launched on October 30. The new car will introduce a total of 2 configuration models, and use pure electric drive, NEDC range of up to 401km.

Built on Dongfeng Honda XR-V, the overall design of the front face of the new car and the XR-V are similar but the details are distinguished, such as closed air grille, blue chrome elements, etc. At the same time, the rear of the car is designed with a running tail light set to further enhance the recognition.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4280/1772/1625mm, wheelbase 2610mm, and the tire size is 215/55 R17.

In terms of interior, the Siming X-NV and the XR-V remain highly consistent, but the air-conditioning control panel has been replaced with a button-down design, and the center console has been replaced with an electronic stopand and added a blue element to highlight its electric car identity.

In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with keyless entry/start, 8-inch center screen, multi-function steering wheel, tire pressure monitoring, etc. At the same time, the high-profile models also come with leather seats, fixed-speed cruises, and automatic air conditioning.

The Siming X-NV is powered by a permanent magnetic synchronous drive motor with a maximum power of 163 horsepower and a peak torque of 280 Nm. Equipped with a 53.6kWh tri-lithium-ion battery pack, its NEDC has a range of 401km and a 30-80% charging time of 30 minutes.

New car positioning small pure electric SUV, the future after the market will be built and Yuan New Energy and the name EZS pure electric models become competitive, do you like it?

纯电版XR-V 东风本田思铭X-NV将于10月30日上市

纯电版XR-V 东风本田思铭X-NV将于10月30日上市

纯电版XR-V 东风本田思铭X-NV将于10月30日上市

纯电版XR-V 东风本田思铭X-NV将于10月30日上市

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