Will the failure of the iPhone 11 drive Apple to build a revolutionary new iPhone?

Although Apple has yet to release iPhone sales figures this year, analysts reported a 10 percent drop in third-quarter sales, according tomedia, suggesting that the iPhone 11 sales strategy has failed. In response, Gartner attributed the current decline in iPhone demand to a shift from expensive flagship products to powerful, competitive, lower-cost mid-range phones that are not covered by Apple’s portfolio.

Will the failure of the iPhone 11 drive Apple to build a revolutionary new iPhone?

It also noted that the absence of 5G may be a limiting factor for advanced product users seeking future certification upgrades.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are expected to sell about 80 million units in 2019, according to a report from Digitimes, which would mean a significant increase in demand if sales jumped to 100 million or more. And it’s clear that this level of growth will require a “supercycle” boost from 5G, which bodes well for a major hardware upgrade for the iPhone 12.

The last time Apple had a so-called supercycle was when the iPhone 6 Plus was released. Before the launch of the larger-screen smartphone series, the Android camp’s competition had already introduced many options and the display had more space. After the model went on sale, iPhone sales soared, but by the following year Apple’s sales had started to decline again and have been falling ever since.

So we turned to the iPhone 11, and now, of course, to the iPhone 12.

While 5G may not reach every consumer by 2020, support for 5G is clearly important. For both the media and netred, they are keeping a close eye on this, and 5G has become a key part of their assessment of high-end smartphones.

If next year’s iPhone 12 model still doesn’t have 5G, it’s expected to struggle in media reviews. So 5G is already imperative for Apple.

In addition, Apple is expected to add augmented reality to the iPhone 12 model, as well as the Time of Flight camera in its existing three-camera configuration and redesign the external language of the iPhone to make it look more “square”, which will make users think of the classic iPhone 4 model.

In addition, if Apple wants to boost sales significantly, it may be in the market that the company’s product portfolio has not yet covered, especially competitive mid-range phones.

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