NEC and VAXIMM announce cooperation in the development of an individualized newborn antigen cancer vaccine

Japan Electric Corporation (NEC), a leader in IT and network technology, and VAXIMM AG, a Swiss/German biotechnology company focused on developing oral T-cell immunotherapy, recently announced that the two companies have signed a strategic clinical trial cooperation agreement and an equity investment agreement to jointly develop a novel ized new antigen cancer vaccine.

NEC and VAXIMM announce cooperation in the development of an individualized newborn antigen cancer vaccine

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Nec will fund the Phase I clinical trial under the terms of the non-exclusive cooperation agreement between the parties. The individualized cancer vaccine developed by NEC and VAXIMM will use nec new antigen prediction system based on advanced AI technology and VAXIMM’s unique T-cell immunotherapy. Through this Phase I clinical trial, it will evaluate the effectiveness of the above-mentioned vaccine against various types of solid tumors. VAXIMM will be responsible for the clinical trial and is expected to begin in 2020.

NEC has the right to develop and commercialize products globally for the project, excluding China and other Asian regions except Japan.

“Cancer has been one of the major challenges in healthcare, with millions of new diagnoses worldwide each year,” said NEC Executive Director Fujikawa. NEC’s core technologies are ideal for individualized medicines, and we are committed to providing effective treatments for cancer patients. We are proud to partner with VAXIMM to develop immunotherapy drugs for every patient individual. “

Dr. Heinz Lubenau, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of VAXIMM, said, “We are very pleased to partner with NEC and have their strong support for VAXIMM. NEC’s novel AI technology will not only enable the identification of each patient’s newborn antigen, but will also prioritize each individual patient to create the most appropriate treatment option. Once the list of new antigens is established, our technology can be used to quickly produce individualized vaccines. Individualized therapeutic drugs are at the forefront of today’s cancer treatment, and through this collaboration we can make a further contribution to this treatment. “

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