American man won 200,000 dollar lottery on the road to chemo

Cancer, chemotherapy… It’s a topic that a lot of people don’t want to see, but what if they’re tied to lottery tickets and jackpots? Last week, Ronnie Foster, a retired man from North Kapink Hill, drove to the medical center for his last planned chemotherapy treatment, where he battled the disease for a long time after being diagnosed with colon cancer, foreign media reported.

At a passing convenience store, Foster paid $1 for a scratch-and-card lottery ticket, which ended at $5. He felt lucky, so he bought two more $5 scrapers, the first of which went unrewarded, and the second with $200,000 (about Rmb1.41 million).


“When I saw 0 behind 2, my whole body seemed to freeze,” Foster recalls.

On Friday, Foster went to the prize and finally received $141,500 (after tax). Foster thinks the money will finally give him a little relief in paying for health insurance and medicine. More crucially, he felt it was a lucky day for himself and a full recovery was expected.


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