Xiaomi shows 100 million pixel photo sample:after 0.8% partial amplification detail still clear

Today, Xiaomi officially announced that on November 5 at 2 p.m. will hold a new product launch, the official release of the 100-megapixel phone – Xiaomi CC9 Pro, and create Xiaomi’s history of the most powerful image system. Later, Xiaomi mobile phone officer micro released a 100-megapixel Xiaomi CC9 Pro shot of the bust, and take 0.8% of the photo of the partial zoom, the details are very stunning.

From the partial magnification, he has a window in his eyes, the window is blue sky and white clouds. There was a man by the window, as if looking out of the window. And in front of him, it was the silhouette of the photographer.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro is understood to feature Xiaomi and Samsung’s custom-made ISOCELL Bright HMX CMOS, which has more than 100 million effective pixels and is the first large-size mobile image sensor with a 1/1.33-inch light-sensitive area. The ability to absorb more light than other small sensors in low-light conditions, while achieving brighter 27-megapixel photos with tetracell, a four-in-one-pixel combination technology.

Xiaomi officials say the Xiaomi CC9 Pro could be the first mass-produced 100-megapixel phone, which is the “medium frame” in the phone. In addition to 100 million pixels, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro will feature a five-camera scheme and four flashes.

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