Fudan University: Take the Lead in piloting the establishment of “Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering”

Recently, Fudan University for the country’s major strategic needs, accelerate the training of integrated circuit talent to take an important step. “Integrated circuit science and engineering” Ph.D. authorized first-level discipline points will be piloted in 2020, and the start of doctoral student enrollment. Integrated circuit is the core of information technology industry, and it is a strategic, basic and leading industry to support the country’s economic and social development and safeguard national security. With a strong integrated circuit industry and leading technology, has become a scientific and technological power, industrial power key signs.

National Key Laboratory for Integrated Circuits and Systems, Fudan University

Cracking the “card neck” problem of China’s integrated circuit: attracting talents and cultivating talents

In the past ten years, China’s integrated circuit industry has developed rapidly, the overall strength has been significantly improved, the gap between design and manufacturing capabilities and the international advanced level has been narrowing, packaging testing technology is gradually approaching the international advanced level, and the industrial agglomeration effect is becoming more and more obvious. However, compared with advanced countries and regions, China’s integrated circuit technology still has a large gap, the continuous innovation ability is weak, high-end chip products rely heavily on imports, it is difficult to build the core competitiveness of the national industry, information security and so on to form a strong support.

Laboratory researchers

The key to solving the problem that the core technology of integrated circuit in our country is the talent, which is the first element of industrial innovation. China’s serious shortage of integrated circuit talent, not only lack of leading talent, but also lack of composite innovation talent and backbone technical personnel. Integrated circuit technology in the past 60 years of development process has formed its own complete knowledge system, how to let students master the complete and systematic integrated circuit knowledge system, training to meet the needs of the integrated circuit industry innovative talent? The establishment of “integrated circuit science and engineering” is a key link, the establishment of a first-level discipline can systematize and systematize the knowledge of integrated circuits, but also conducive to the innovation and development of integrated circuit technology and innovative talents training.

“Integrated circuit” in Fudan: inheriting tradition, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovative

Fudan University is one of the earliest universities in China to carry out research and development of integrated circuit technology, in recent years, actively carry forward the noble spirit of inheriting the older generation of scientists, bravely climb the peak, in China’s integrated circuit innovation and development and personnel training to take on an important mission, but also for integrated circuit science and engineering first-level discipline construction has laid a solid foundation. In 2014 was approved to establish the “National Integrated Circuit Talent International Training (Shanghai) Base”, in 2015 became one of the country’s nine model microelectronics colleges, in 2018 led the formation of the “National Integrated Circuit Innovation Center” was established, in 2019 to assume the “National Integrated Circuit Industry and Education Integration Innovation Platform” project, Construction of the Ministry of Education’s new generation of integrated circuit technology integration platform.

The experimenter tests the components on the test bench

In this context, Fudan University in 2018 has begun to plan the “integrated circuit science and engineering” first-level discipline construction, in the first half of 2019 began to organize experts and scholars to discuss the “integrated circuit science and engineering” doctorate authorized first-level discipline point construction program, during which many times with the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission communication, Reach a consensus on the construction of first-level disciplines. In September 2019, Fudan University received the Letter from the Office of the Degree Committee of the State Council on Supporting Fudan University in carrying out the first-level discipline construction of “Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering”, and then organized an expert demonstration meeting to demonstrate and improve the program. On October 29, Fudan University’s degree evaluation committee approved the 99th plenary meeting, agreed to set up the “integrated circuit science and engineering” doctorate authorized first-level discipline point, the degree point construction program was subsequently approved by the school president’s office and the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, reported to the State Council degree committee for examination and record.

The construction content of the first-level discipline of “Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering” will be closely related to the main tasks of all aspects of the integrated circuit industry chain, and will focus on solving the core scientific and engineering technology problems of integrated circuit design, integrated circuit manufacturing and process technology, as well as the sealing and measurement of integrated circuits. It is a subject of integrated circuits, from semiconductor materials and devices, to chip design and manufacturing processes to packaging, testing and system applications. It is not only the application-oriented subject developed in the basic disciplines of physics, chemistry, mathematics and materials, but also the strategic emerging discipline smedded by the applied disciplines of electronic science and technology, optical engineering, mechanical engineering and automation.

Integrated circuit talent is strong, integrated circuit industry is strong. The quality of integrated circuit talents determines the position of integrated circuit industry in the world. Fudan University pilot implementation of the “integrated circuit science and engineering” first-level discipline construction, will be conducive to gathering strength, the integration of production and education, traction integrated circuit technology source innovation, accelerate the development of disciplines, promote the field of integrated circuit talent high-quality training, in order to crack China’s integrated circuitĀ  problem to make contributions.

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