2020 Galaxy A11/A31/A41 will come with higher storage space : Some models starting at 64GB

Faced with intense competitive pressure from Chinese handset makers, Samsung finally decided to boost its position in the mid- to low-end handset market with a redesigned Galaxy A-Series. With its eye-catching design and competitive hardware specifications, the Galaxy A-Series has boosted Samsung’s handset shipments in many markets around the world. In the coming 2020, Samsung plans to bring more killer features to the Galaxy A-Series.

2020 Galaxy A11/A31/A41 will come with higher storage space Some models 64GB jump

Samsung is already developing three phones, the Galaxy A11, the Galaxy A31 and the Galaxy A41, the SM-A15X, the SM-A315X and the SM-A415X, according to information shared by prominent whistleblower Ishan Agarwal. Although the details of the three phones are not yet known, the source confirmed that the three phones will carry higher storage capacity than their predecessors.

The news says the Samsung 2020 Galaxy A Series can be available for up to 128GB, while some models will start at 64GB. In addition to the Galaxy A11, A31 and A41, Samsung’s 2020 Galaxy A series line will also include several other models. As the recently leaked rendering shows, the mid-range Galaxy A51/A71 will feature a punching screen and an L-shaped quad solution on the back of the body. But it remains to be seen whether Samsung will use the same design language in other upcoming A-Series phones.

Other information on the 2020 Galaxy A-Series is uncertain, but Samsung is likely to launch its first Galaxy A-Series phones next month. The Galaxy A51 will be launched in India in December along with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite. Other Galaxy A-series phones will be available in the first half of 2020.

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