South Korean operator spending $7 billion on 5G in 2019 Government plans to double 5G spectrum

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology said this week that it hopes to add an additional 2640MHz bandwidth to the 2680MHz spectrum currently allocated for 5G networks by 2026,media reported. The project, known as the 5G-plus Spectrum Program, aims to give South Korea the world’s widest 5G available spectrum. If this is achieved, 5G spectrum of 5320MHz will be available in South Korea by 2026.

South Korean operator spending $7 billion on 5G in 2019 Government plans to double 5G spectrum


The Government of South Korea says the current allocation of spectrum bandwidth is intended to launch the world’s first 5G commercial network, and that the additional spectrum bandwidth will prepare for explosive growth in traffic and use in new 5G-based industries.

However, the South Korean government has not yet announced which spectrums will be divided by how or for which purpose.

The department added that a specific deployment timetable was still being worked out, but said it would discuss regulations for strategic companies such as smart cities, smart factories and self-driving cars with experts and the private sector before announcing the final plan in December.

South Korea plans to deploy mmWave 5G independent services next year.

At an event on Friday, South Korea’s Information and Communications Technology Minister Choi Ki-young urged South Korean operators to expand investment in 5G network infrastructure to make the country one of the global leaders in 5G technology, Yonhap reported.

Data show that since April this year, commercial 5G mobile services, as of November 2, South Korea has 4 million users 5G signed up users. With the release of 5G smartphones, this ultra-high growth trend is expected to continue. In 2019, South Korea’s local telecomoperators invested 8.2 trillion won ($7 billion) in 5G-related investments, up 50 percent from last year.

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