Why don’t Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?

“People who like it are crazy, and people who don’t like it don’t even take a look at it”, which is probably the most polarizing model in Tesla’s products right now. But that didn’t affect its sales at all, with Cybertruck booking selling more than a half a million in the 120 hours after the launch, and the vast majority of them were high-quality models.

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?         Musk 发推“炫耀”Cybertruck 的预定量达到 25 万台 | Twitter 截图

Even if it’s a oolong at the launch, the Cyber trucks that hit the bottom of the station with two Cyberpunk-style crack stops are still in the fan base. Musk also tweeted, “We didn’t do any of the free, expensive ads”, and couldn’t hide his love of the pre-designed pickup. But calm down and take a closer look, and you might think Cybertruck was dragged onto the stage in a hurry.

Cybertruck seems to be too science fiction, and lacks production devices such as steering lights, exterior mirrors, and so on. And don’t you think there’s anything that’s too straight on the side of the windscreen? Right! Cybertruck doesn’t even have a wiper, is it going to take a little rain to drop Cybertruck from sci-fi to reality?

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?         特斯拉给出的 Cybertruck 内饰渲染图 | 官方供图

Perhaps after hearing a question, Tesla on November 26th unveiled a patent, the Laser Wiper. Its purpose is to automatically clean the wind screen with a laser. Yes! I’m definitely not kidding! After creating a new neural network, Deep Rain, for automatic wipers, Musk began to consider replacing the traditional car design with lasers.

Earlier this year, Tesla filed a patent application for “stains and photovoltaic power components on pulsed laser clear car glass products.” The tongue can be bluffed by the name, in short, can be used to clean the car glass with a laser, but its application range is not just windscreen.

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?         特斯拉“激光雨刷”专利图 | 官方文件

According to the patent’s inventor, Tesla expert Phiroze Dalal, the cleaning system involved in a set of components capable of emitting a laser beam that covers a certain area of the car’s glass and detects circuits that monitor the area for dust. The parameters of the laser beam transmitter are automatically adjusted according to the results to ensure that they have sufficient exposure to clean the dust.

It is not difficult to find from the public patent diagram, the system components may be installed in the vehicle under the front bin near the front windshield area, the front box will be designed two exits, similar to the traditional wiper system outlet, but here is sprayed not glass water but laser.

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?         网友 Victor Tangermann 以及电动汽车媒体 Electrek 制作的假想图 | 网络

In addition to being used to clean up dust from the windscreen, Tesla officials also explained that it could automatically remove dirt that affects the view of autopilot system cameras. In addition, Tesla is considering using the system to clean up solar panels placed on roofs.

Why don't Tesla Cybertruck have wipers?除了用作清理汽车玻璃外,这套系统还可以用于清理太阳能电池帆板 | 官方文件

In general, many car companies, including Tesla, file several technology patents each year, but the vast majority eventually disappear and do not appear on mass-produced models. From the available information, it may not seem difficult to install such a laser cleaning system for Tesla models, but there is no substantive word as to whether it will replace the traditional wipers.

So Cybertruck’s Cyberquad ATV all-terrain car, with its hard exterior material, over-eye-catching sci-fi design, clean lines, and even the last “one more thing” segment, completely overwhelmed the audience’s attention. it’s about letting people ignore some of the attention to conventional design altogether.

In any case, Cybertruck has been an unprecedented marketing success, earning traffic and once again emptying the wallets of pickup fans. With two years to go, Cybertruck has time to further develop production. As one of Musk’s favorite products to date, it’s hoped to finally be a cool-to-explosive, all-electric, all-electric pickup.

So, why on earth is Cybertruck without a wiper? Will Cybertruck’s mass production compromise? We’re also “hens!!!

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