74-year-old U.S. woman hoisted by rescue helicopter 175 laps: Claim 14 million

According to media reports, in the United States recently a rather absurd incident, a 74-year-old woman was rescued in the process, a helicopter was hoisted in mid-air high-speed spin up to 175 times, seriously injured, she herself has filed a huge claim. It is reported that the incident occurred in early June this year, in Phoenix, 74-year-old Katalin Metro, 74, while hiking in a local mountain, accidentally fell and injured.

74-year-old U.S. woman hoisted by rescue helicopter 175 laps: Claim 14 million

The local fire department then dispatched a helicopter to rescue Catherine on a stretcher, which was then activated to be taken to an ambulance.

It was a standard process that was repeated many times, but the accident occurred, the stretcher, which was hoisted in mid-air, suddenly began to spin, and the faster it went, the live video showed a frantic 175-lap spin in just 40 seconds.

This kind of experience is not for the strong young people, not to mention 74-year-old women.

Kathleen said the experience caused her physical and mental harm, medical expenses have exceeded $290,000, equivalent to more than 2 million yuan, so she claimed $2 million, or about 14 million yuan, from the local municipal authorities.

It is reported that the accident occurred because of a rope originally used to prevent the stretcher from rotating, while the helicopter rotor sweuding the air flow caused the stretcher to rotate non-stop.

Local officials said they could not comment because the lawsuit had not yet reached a conclusion.

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