Chargefox’s new charging station can supply 350-degree power to electric cars in an hour

Chargefox, a provider of charging infrastructure networks, has teamed up with drivers’ association NRMA to open a fast-vehicle charging station in Sydney, Australia, with two 350kW charging piles and a 50kW charging pile. It is reported that the charging station charging pile maximum power of 350Kw, the use of 350Kw charging pile can be used to increase the vehicle in 15 minutes 400Km range, and 50kW charging station can add 60km of vehicle range in 15 minutes.

Chargefox's new charging station can supply 350-degree power to electric cars in an hour

In contrast, Tesla, the hottest in the electric car space, currently has a V2 super charging pile with a maximum charging power of 147Kw, a long gap from the 350Kw supercharged pile in the text.

At present, the range of electric vehicles can generally reach more than 400Km, the length of the range is no longer the main factor affecting the promotion of electric vehicles. Now, the main reason for the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles has become the speed and convenience of charging.

Consumers can tolerate, the car only ran 400 kilometers without electricity. But I can’t stand having to toss for an hour to find the charging pile and wait there for the car to be recharged for more than an hour. The inconvenience of charging and the inefficiency of charging seriously affect the consumer’s car experience.

And in the future, who can achieve the advanced charge, it has achieved the future of the electric vehicle market voice. This is also the main reason why major car companies and charging companies are now stepping up their research and development efforts in the layout of charging networks and charging equipment.

Chargefox plans to build a nationwide network of charging stations in Australia, including 21 on major interstate highways and reduce the standard charging time for electric vehicles to 15 minutes. Previously, Chargefox has secured $15 million in external investment to build a 350kW fast charging station.

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