“Candy Legends” has grossed more than $2 billion over six years

One of King’s flagship products, Candy Crush Soda Saga, has grossed more than $2 billion over six years, according to a new report from video game analytics firm Sensor Tower Store Intelligence.

Candy Legends has been downloaded 410 million times on Android and iOS devices, making it a popular game among casual and hardcore users.

It is reported that most of the $2 billion in revenue comes from the United States, and the game has a large number of active users in India, but also a lot of revenue. The United States and India have 68 million downloads and 50 million downloads, respectively.

“King’s three-off game is the second-longest running game in the Candy Legends series and is particularly popular in the U.S., where it has accumulated $1.1 billion (55 percent) in revenue alone,” Sensor Tower reports. By contrast, the second-ranked UK player contributed $135m, or about 7 per cent of its total revenue. “

“Potential competitors of the puzzle type should focus on King’s games, especially the Candy Legends series, because despite the long launch time, they are still champions of that type of game in terms of revenue.” “

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