New discovery of dinosaur skull could change 200-year-old hypothesis

If we look back at the dinosaur fossils found by William Buckland in 1819, we can see that modern human searches for dinosaur bones have been going on for nearly 200 years,media reported. During this time, many hypotheses were made — necessary when it came to piecing together the puzzles that had died millions of years earlier. Yet a recent finding may have shaken the research that has been done in the field of dinosaurs over the years.

New discovery of dinosaur skull could change 200-year-old hypothesis

In 2015, Scott Persons discovered a dragon called Alberta (skull number UALVP55900). The discovery took place in the Campania Age Dinosaur Park formation in Alberta, Canada, and was eventually carried out by a team led by Robert B. Holmes.

According to their research paper, published this month, the newly discovered skull shows unobserved variation and asymmetry in the species for two reasons:

It contains a complete hem of the skull – both sides;

The two sides of the head show very different shapes and bone sizes.

“When part of the skull side is missing, palaeontologists think that the missing side is symmetrical with the preserved side,” Says Pers, “but it doesn’t necessarily.” “

New discovery of dinosaur skull could change 200-year-old hypothesis

According to, the two sides of the skull look very different. They look very different, and if paleontologists only find isolated halves, they may conclude that they belong to two different species.

The discovery may remind you of palaeontologist Jack Horner’s TED speech — “Where’s the dinosaur baby?” “In the past, people thought that small dinosaurs and big dinosaurs were different kinds… But in fact, they are just adult dinosaurs and the other is baby dinosaurs.

And once the idea is adopted by the scientific community, the number of dinosaurs accepted by the scientific community will be greatly reduced. The research released by Holmes and his team may prove it.

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