Rotor engine expected to return: Mazda RX-9 rendering image exposure

Every Mazda Fans has a “rotor dream” in mind, and the RX-7 is the goddess in the hearts of many fans. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, having legendary models like the RX-7 in China is destined to be a few. According to foreign media reports, Mazda’s global chief designer Ikuo Maeda and other executives at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show revealed that “bringing the rotor engine back is still our dream, but the specific time to be determined.”

转子发动机有望回归 马自达RX-9渲染图曝光

RX-9 Rendering

Officials also say they still need to “race” with time in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations to avoid “cutting” projects due to emissions problems.

It is not difficult to see that Mazda has not given up on the development of rotor engines, and emissions problems remain the main obstacle steaming the return of the RX series models.

It is worth mentioning that foreign media from this year Mazda filed a number of patents found that Mazda on emissions issues to the rotor engine has been further optimized, such as without increasing the rotor sliding resistance, again improve the engine intake efficiency, thereby improving engine performance, and the new engine is expected to match the turbocharged system.

转子发动机有望回归 马自达RX-9渲染图曝光

And before the foreign media in New North many times shot the RX-8 road test spy photos, which further verified the rotor engine or will return. So far, however, it is speculation, and it will need to be confirmed by the authorities.

From this year’s Launch of Mazda’s first pure electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda is undoubtedly doing two-hand preparation, on the one hand to adapt to the changes of the times, on the other hand, continue to carry out research on rotor engines, and strive to bring back the brand “totem”.

转子发动机有望回归 马自达RX-9渲染图曝光

RX-8 test vehicle photographed in New North

Extended reading:

The rotor of the rotor engine works three times for every rotation, and compared with the average four-stroke engine doing work once every two revolutions, it has the advantage of having a high horsepower volume ratio (the engine has a smaller volume to output more power).

In addition, due to the axial running characteristics of the rotor engine, it does not require precise crankshaft balance to achieve a high operating speed. The whole engine has only two rotating components, compared with the general four-stroke engine with in, exhaust flaps and other more than 20 moving parts, the structure is greatly simplified, the possibility of failure is greatly reduced.

In addition to the above advantages, the rotor engine also includes the advantages of small size, light weight, low center of gravity, vibration and so on.

But the disadvantages are also obvious: high fuel consumption, heavy wear, component life.

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