iPad may get full mouse support in the future

Apple first added mouse-enabled features to the iPad in its new iPad OS system, just launched in October, but the hand experience is different from what users think, not only is it not as natural and smooth as a Mac or PC system, such as iPad The usual sliding operation has become to hold down the left mouse button to drag and pull around, and Apple has not made the necessary “touch optimization” for mouse operation, both operational and precise are far less than other desktop systems.


But with the official launch of Apple Arcade and Apple’s growing emphasis on the productivity attributes of the iPad, the future iPad may be fully supported.

Apple plans to add full mouse support to the iPad in the near future to further drive the iPad as a productivity and gaming platform, according to Cliff Maldonado, chief analyst and founder of BayStreet Research.

Cliff Maldonado says that if Apple adds full mouse support to the iPad, it will have a lot of impact on the gaming industry. “Apple Arcade is obviously Apple’s big move in gaming, but it’s currently only appealing to casual mobile gamers, not hardcore players with PCs or consoles. Apple’s use of the full mouse-enabled iPad and chip technology to drive PC gaming will be the first opportunity for the company to get involved in hardcore games. “


“Furthermore, full mouse support will make iPad a productivity platform for a better experience, whether it’s the Microsoft Office suite or G Suite tools, which may drive users from pen to pen and keyboard-enabled iPad.” Maldonado said.

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