Break out the travel controversy This Tesla Model S ran a million kilometers.

The compatibility of electric vehicles with everyday travel is controversial. This time, an electric car enthusiast gave his answer. On November 29th, according tomedia Teslarati, a Tesla Model S owner named Hansj?rg Gemmingen tweeted that his Model S P85 had reached more than 1 million kilometers.

“What a trip!” My Tesla Model S has traveled a million kilometers. Hansj?rg Gemmingen said on Twitter.

Break out the travel controversy This Tesla Model S ran a million kilometers.

It is understood that Hansj?rg Gemmingen purchased a Model S P85 in 2014 with a range of about 502 km. An electric car enthusiast, he says he’s been driving the all-electric car since the day he bought the Model S P85 and keeping updating the car’s mileage to see if the electric car is available for everyday travel.

Gemmingen, 55, and his wife have completed the 1 million-kilometer mileage target. Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records also went to the celebration site to witness.

In the process of achieving the 1 million km mileage target, the Model S P85 has replaced three batteries, four motors, two 12V batteries, one rear shock absorber, one front axle, one touch screen, and more. The first of these batteries ran 290,000 kilometers. The second piece was a battery that Tesla lent him and ran a 250,000 kilometers. The third battery has run 460,000 kilometers, and the capacity is still 86%.

In addition, the last maintenance was at 900,000 kilometres, after which no repairs were carried out at 100,000 kilometres. The car is still under warranty and the actual repair cost is 13,000 euros (approximately RMB 100,000).

It’s worth noting that Hansjrg Gemmingen also has a Tesla Roadster sports car, which now has a range of more than 630,000 kilometers.

On the matter,media said the 1m-kilometer Model S P85 strongly refuted outdated notions that electric cars were not suitable for everyday driving.

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