Ask and answer: What is white flash?

In fact, the white film this is only a popular folk saying, for manufacturers in fact only Good Die and Inked Die, is good product particles and bad particles, and by the flash production plant’s own package of Good Die is the original film, and by a third-party manufacturer package of Good Die is what we call white flash.

Ask and answer: What is white flash?

Group-encapsulated Toshiba Flash

Does that sound as if the original is no different from the white flash? After all, white flash is just a popular name, and there is no clear definition, SSD those who do not use the original package of flash memory everyone basically called, in fact, the vast majority of white flashs are actually third-party package of Good Die, the source of these Good Die is mainly from the wafer production plant to buy the wafer back to cut the package, Or buy a cut-out Die for packaging, in theory the product quality is the same as the original flash memory, but the specific depends on the factory quality control.

Larger storage vendors like Kingston and ADATA have their own packaging plants, so their SSDs are basically their own Logos, and smaller manufacturers basically do not have their own factories, they will buy finished products directly from the foundry, such as group, it is the main control manufacturers but they also sell the complete program, Among them is flash memory, there are quite a lot of Toshiba flash memory in the market using group package, in fact, Toshiba is the majority shareholder of the group, the group package of Toshiba flash memory is still relatively reliable.

Ask and answer: What is white flash?东芝原厂的3D闪存

Of course, the main reason for consumers to pursue the original flash is that the vast majority of people can not distinguish the quality of white flash, because in the quality control of each manufacturer has their own standards, Good Die’s quality is also uneven, but manufacturers generally will not use poor quality flash memory, otherwise at any time will be after-sales repair drag down, but the market decided everything, Part of the original is divided into not Good Die quality flash memory but not Inked Die, or some Inked Die after the packaging plant monitoring feel that can be used again will become a downgrade piece, but these downgradepieces after packaging you are difficult to distinguish between it and the third-party good good. They are all divided into white areas.

Since we are not clear flash good or bad, that directly brainless to choose the original piece of flash SSD is good, but now with the original sSD manufacturers are quite few, in addition to those who produce flash memory manufacturers are not a few, there may be some manufacturers some high-end products will use the original flash, all with the original flash manufacturers are quite few, Because most of the original flash has been sold to servers and enterprise-level applications, in these areas can obtain higher profits, the rest of the part of the consumer-grade SSD digested, really left to SSD manufacturers in the hands of the number of originals only a small part, and the price is high, coupled with the current SSD market price competition is so fierce, Cheap and large third-party package Good Die is naturally the first choice of manufacturers, and consumer-grade body is also very honest, the domestic market statistics, can produce flash memory manufacturers SSD in the domestic market share is not high, cheap access manufacturers occupy the majority of the domestic market share.

As for those Inked Die black shards, they’re largely not on SSDs, they can’t afford the level of sSD reading and writing, but they’ll still be found on cheap USB drives and memory cards.

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