Following Sony, EA is also developing its own in-game assistant system

According tomedia reports, EA is developing its own in-game assistant, which doesn’t sound as complicated as Sony’s PlayStation AI assistant, but can also help players. Recently,media discovered that EA filed a new patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on November 28, 2019, called the Adaptive Game Coaching System. EA’s system is likely to start with the new console, providing contextual help for players in the game.

Following Sony, EA is also developing its own in-game assistant system

“The implementation of the disclosure provides an auxiliary system that can issue different game instructions for different game states in a virtual game environment. When users play games, they may experience different game states. Depending on the current game state, a secondary engine may decide one or more game instructions to recommend to the player, which will be based on the user’s history information and game state model, which will maintain contact between the game state and the different user groups.

In the normal course of play, according to the user’s own playing history and the game instructions normally executed by other users of the game, the user will be recommended the relevant game instructions. “

It sounds like EA’s system is very basic, and these are very simple command recommendations. These commands can be based on data collected from other players who have successfully found the same region, mission, boss, etc. It can also be based on the user’s own game history information.

Given that next-generation consoles are not yet on sale, there may be a lot of news that is not available. But based on so much patent news that has come to light in the past few weeks, it’s safe to say that in-game assistants and guides should be in the form of pictures and videos that will have an impact on our future gaming experience.

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