pure electric drive Maserati’s new sports car Alfieri rendering image exposure

Recently, overseas media exposed a group of Alfieri renderings of Maserati’s new sports car, based on Maserati’s Alfieri concept car released in 2014, with the powertrain expected to be powered by pure electric power. As the world-famous Italian sports car brand, Maserati’s new models in recent years have nothing to do with sports cars, neither the president, Ghibli or Levante can fully reflect the sporting nature of the legendary Italian brand, and Maserati’s famous models. Maserati Gran Turismo hasn’t changed in 12 years since its launch in 2007, and many wonder if Maserati has given up on the model.

In 2014, Maserati unveiled the Alfieri concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, based on the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale chassis, with a two-door four-seat GT sports car with a body length and width of 4590mm/1930mm/1280mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. Now, six years later, the car is finally getting new news.

The new car is recalibrated to the details of the vehicle, closer to the setting of the production car, with a Maserati family design language in appearance, a long-head, short-tailed standard GT sports car with a dynamic and elegant body, as well as a five-spoke blackened wheel and red brake caliper.

In terms of power, since Ferrari will no longer supply The V6 and V8 engines to Maserati from 2022, foreign media say Alfieri will be powered by pure electric power, but do not rule out the introduction of the fuel version in the early stages. Other officials have not disclosed more, follow-up news we will continue to follow.

或为纯电驱动 玛莎拉蒂全新跑车Alfieri渲染图曝光

或为纯电驱动 玛莎拉蒂全新跑车Alfieri渲染图曝光

或为纯电驱动 玛莎拉蒂全新跑车Alfieri渲染图曝光

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