Five AIDS rumors, don’t believe! Because of understanding, to stop fear

Do you think eating with AIDS patients will be contagious? Most people’s answer is “yes”; Most people’s answer is “no”; do you think AIDS patients are because of their private lives? Most people’s answer is yes.

Five AIDS rumors, don't believe! Because of understanding, to stop fear

In the minds of most people, AIDS and chaotic private life can not be related, we are afraid and contempt, and even feel that those AIDS patients are “dirty”. But in fact, there are a lot of AIDS patients they have done nothing wrong, they may be doctors, because of occupational exposure and get AIDS;

Today is World AIDS Day, we invite the capital medical university affiliated Beijing You’an Hospital infection center director physician Li in the village, together call edgy: understand AIDS, fight AIDS, do not fear AIDS!

Why do people get AIDS?

AIDS is actually translated from the name of the disease, its full name is “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” (AIDS), it is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, also known as HIV) infection caused by a very harmful infectious disease. When the virus enters the body, it destroys the body’s immune function, causing the body to monitor cancer in the body and resist external infections, or even lack of ability, so that the patient died of infection or tumor.

How did HIV evolve into AIDS?

Hiv infection in the human body does not mean that aids will develop soon, because our body itself has a strong defense system – the immune system, which protects us from germs and stays healthy. The functioning of the body’s immune system depends on a group of important cells: CD4-plus T lymphocytes, or CD4 cells, which are the health guardians of the body.

However, when the human body is infected with HIV, the first target of HIV attack is CD4 cells, they invade the occupied CD4 cells, and then destroy it. An invaded CD4 cell, began to blacken, turned into an HIV virus factory, the production of new HIV virus, and then these new HIV virus began to invade other CD4 cells, in the human body to attack the city, killing.

WHEN HIV FIRST INVADED, THE HUMAN BODY MAY NOT HAVE ANY UNUSUAL FEELINGS, BUT THESE VIRUSES ARE SECRETLY WORKING OVERTIME, EXPANDING THEIR RANKS, SLOWLY ATTACKING OUR BODIES. Unconsciously, CD4 cells less and less, and more and more HIV, the enemy I force gap is growing, and finally the immune system defense line was completely broken! That’s why HIV is also called the human immunodeficiency virus!

From HIV infection to AIDS, the whole process is divided into three stages:

Stage 1 is acute period: about 2 to 3 weeks, up to 12 weeks, this period will appear fever, headache, rash, lymph node swelling and other symptoms;

Phase 2 is the incubation period: that is, a relatively long asymptomatic period, generally 8 to 10 years, but there are also faster, 2 years later into the onset period, slower can be up to 10 years, and even some people will have been in the incubation period, the disease has not progressed for a long time;

Phase 3 is the AIDS period: is the result of HIV constantly violating the immune system, CD4 cells gradually decline, immunity is getting lower and lower, the occurrence of various infections or tumors, seriously affecting the quality of life.

What behaviors can be transmitted from AIDS?

In the eyes of many people, AIDS patients are like poisonous snakes and beasts, afraid to contact them, afraid of being infected by them. It is because you do not understand, will cause such fear, here first of all to tell you that the contact of daily life, such as sharing tableware water cups, towel bedding, toilet basins, office supplies, tables and chairs benches, etc., will not spread AIDS.

There are three main routes of transmission of AIDS: sexual transmission, blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission.

1. Sexual transmission: sexual transmission is the world’s main means of HIV transmission, including unprotected heterosexual sex and male sex. As for kissing, because the amount of virus in saliva is very low, so the general kiss does not spread AIDS. However, the long-lasting deep kiss due to the possibility of bleeding gums and other conditions, there is still a risk of transmission of AIDS, but the amount of bleeding gums is small, there is saliva mixed dilution, the risk of transmission is very small or even negligible.

2. Blood transmission: mainly into unsafe blood or the application of HIV-contaminated blood products. Intravenous drug use of shared syringes is also blood-borne.

3. Mother-to-child transmission: Without formal treatment, about one third of pregnant women living with HIV can transmit HIV to their children through the placenta, childbirth and breast-feeding.

About AIDS 5 rumors, don’t believe!

Rumor 1: Homosexuality is easy to get AIDS

Homosexuality refers to people’s “sexual orientation”, and the real vulnerability to AIDS is “behaviour”, such as male behavior groups. If two people are only same-sex and like each other, and do not have substantive behavior, it does not actually infect AIDS.

Through the number of male behavior infected with AIDS, the rate of increase in recent years is the fastest, the main reason is also because of this sexual behavior to take more anal sex, which is more likely to cause mucosal bleeding than vaginal intercourse, rectal physiological structure is also more conducive to virus invasion. Moreover, the HIV-positive rate is higher among the gay population than in the general population, and the risk is higher if there are more anal and anal sex.

Rumor 2: Blood drops on food can spread AIDS

Long ago there have been rumors of blood dripping on large plate chickens in Xinjiang to spread AIDS, but in fact, HIV in vitro (body table also belongs to the outside body) is very fragile, and can not reproduce, so can not make people infected. Plus food also need to go through cooking, eat and then through the human stomach acid, the virus has long been killed, so generally eat kebabs, barbecue, large chicken, etc. , do not worry about the problem of AIDS transmission.

Myth 3: Infected with HIV means AIDS?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the body’s CD4 cells, which help the body fight disease. If treated correctly, HIV can be carried for decades without developing AIDS. In fact, the clinical diagnostic criteria for AIDS are HIV-carrying and already have opportunistic infections due to a lack of immune system function, or CD4 cell counts below 200/ul.

Myth 4: Having AIDS means living soon

For AIDS treatment, is still based on cocktail therapy, is like a cocktail, the different drugs to reconcile the treatment methods, the goal is to maximize the suppression of HIV replication, restore the immune function of patients. Studies show that as long as we control virus replication, the patient’s immune function will be preserved, not continued to destroy, immune function restored to a certain extent, the incidence of various opportunistic infections and tumors will be greatly reduced, or even without opportunistic infections and tumors, patients can survive for a long time. So there are many people infected with HIV or AIDS, after formal treatment, you can also live for many years, basically does not affect life expectancy.

Rumor 5: Blood donation can infect AIDS

In the 1990s, China did sell plasma to cause the spread of AIDS, mainly because of the sharing of some blood-collecting medical equipment. Now, blood donation use of blood needles, blood bags and other medical equipment are disposable, so there is no risk of blood donation infection with AIDS.

However, we do not recommend blood donations from high-risk groups, including men who have had same-sex sex, drug users, and people with sexual disorder. Because the human body infected with HIV in the early stage, there is a ‘window period’, that is, just infected, the existing technical means to detect non-bleeding HIV antibodies or viral nucleic acids. Because of the objective existence of the window period, HIV infection caused by blood transfusion is still not completely avoided, so blood transfusion still has a certain risk of infection.

Prevent AIDS, so things can’t be saved!

We all know that the main mode of transmission of AIDS is sexual transmission, in order to avoid the contact of bodily fluid transmission, the correct use of condoms is a very effective measure. Especially such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, AIDS and other diseases transmitted through body fluids (mainly semen, vaginal secretions), latex condoms can well block the flow of these body fluids, therefore, for these diseases prevention and treatment effect is very good.

Epidemiological lymmes examined the actual effects of condom blocking in the population and found that HIV-positive parties who continued to use condoms correctly were at a much lower risk of HIV infection than those who did not use condoms.

Block AIDS, HIV blocking drugs to take the sooner the better!

The China AIDS Diagnostic Guidelines (2018) state that if there is an unprotected high-risk behavior with HIV-positive or high-risk groups (e.g. male behavior, drug use or sex workers, etc.), take HIV blockers in the shortest possible time possible (2-24 hours, not more than 72 hours). And to take continuously for 4 weeks (28 days uninterrupted), can effectively block the spread of HIV virus, reduce the risk of infection more than 90%.

Why can’t HIV blockers take more than 72 hours? Because within 72 hours, HIV has not spread from the initially infected cells to other cells, during which time the drug is used, equivalent to the HIV and infected cells to the isolation, will not run out to infect new cells. Over time, these isolated viruses and cells slowly die and then be removed by the body to achieve effective blocking.

Currently, internationally recommended, HIV-blocking drug preferred entoftafenfore tablets combined with latilav (or united dotlav) treatment for 4 weeks. Go to the local infectious disease hospital for consultation. Beijing You’an Hospital and Beijing Ditan Hospital Emergency Department can also be treated at night to buy medicine.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the following points in life:

1, clean self-love, avoid unclean sex life, do not take drugs, do not share syringes with others.

2, to the regular hospital for medical treatment, pay attention to blood transfusion safety, not unauthorized blood transfusion and the use of blood products.

3, do not share with others razor, toothbrushes and other daily necessities, try to avoid contact with his human body liquid, blood, contaminated by others to timely disinfection of items.

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