The coming will always come to the “GTAV” Tesla electric pickup Mod demo

Elon Musk’s electric pickup Cybertruck, released late last month, unexpectedly caught the eye of a large number of players. In addition to being in tune with CDPR’s “Cyberpunk 2077” next year, the producers of The Walking Dead have praised it as a fitting apocalyptic escape. And players will not be idle, the speed of light to Move Cybertruck into the GTA V.

Cybertruck Mod Demo Video:

Here’s a Cybertruck electric pickup Mod demo from the master @Fredwalkthrough of the well-known Youtube video. His version is less inconsonutable than his peers, and the lights work, as if it were from Cyberpunk 2077.

Video screenshot:

Fred responded to fans in a video comment that the Mod is still an ongoing project and is not ready for release and will be brought to the player as soon as it is completed.

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