Samsung denies it will contract 14nm processor for Intel

South Korean media reported a few days ago that Intel will hand over the 14nm CPU processor to Samsung contract workers, the result of Intel officials quickly dismissed rumors that Samsung contract CPU rumors are wrong. In recent times, Intel 14nm processor capacity shortage again hit the headlines, began last year q3 quarter of the out-of-stock problem in a year later today has not been fully resolved, leading HP, Dell and other companies also cut revenue forecasts, Intel officials also issued an apology.

Samsung denies it will contract 14nm processor for Intel

To address this problem, Intel also announced a new expansion plan earlier this year, adding $1.5 billion in capital spending to expand capacity by 14nm. In addition, Intel has confirmed that it is seeking the help of third-party vendors to increase the proportion of outsourcing and address capacity issues.

Intel is possible to expand contract work, which is also the key to manymedia reports tSMC or Samsung benefits, the recent situation is that Taiwan media reported that TSMC will benefit from this, South Korean media reported that Samsung will benefit from this, especially TSMC contracted Intel rival AMD’s 7nm chip, South Korean media said Intel is therefore unlikely to hand over CPU orders to TSMC, only to Samsung contract workers.

Rumours have been swirling that South Korean media have reported more than once this year that Intel will hand over the 14nm CPU to Samsung, which in July said it had agreed to contract the 14nm Rocket Lake desktop processor, which will be released in 2021, replacing comet Lake-S, which will be released early next year.

It said Samsung had reached an agreement with Intel to supply some 14nm CPU processors to ease the shortage and help expand Samsung’s non-storage chip business.

But after the Korean media report, Intel official yesterday sent a rumormessage message, the response is very simple, that is, the media about Samsung contract Intel CPU rumors are false.

Intel’s official rumor is not surprising, although Samsung, Intel have 14nm process, do not understand the technology of the media must feel that CPU switching the same generation process is very simple, but this is not easy, before we reported that Intel CPU regardless of architecture or process is deepbinding, home process It’s for its own products, so even if Intel really needs to outsource the CPU, it’s impossible for other vendors to pick up the Intel 14nm CPU – TSMC, Samsung’s 16/14nm process is a brother in front of the Intel 14nm 5GHz process.

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