High-risk sex is the main cause of AIDS infection among college students

December 1st is World AIDS Day. In recent years, the rise of infection cases of young Chinese students makes the prevention and control of AIDS in colleges and universities increasingly concerned, the Ministry of Education launched 94 colleges and universities prevention and control pilot has been implemented for three years, how to better improve the awareness of young students self-protection and prevention ability, is still an urgent problem to face.

High-risk sex is the main cause of AIDS infection among college students

The latest AIDS data released by the National Health and Reform Commission’s Department of Disease Prevention and Control on November 30, 2019 show that by the end of October 2019, National lying 958,000 people living with HIV, the overall epidemic continues to be at a low epidemic level, including January-October this year, a total of 230 million tests, the new report found 131,000 cases of infection.

How many of them are young students, and officials have not disclosed exact figures. However, at the local level, according to the Hubei Daily News, Hubei Province CDC experts recently introduced that in the first 10 months of this year, the number of young students in Hubei Province found a total of 149 cases, an increase of 10% over the same period last year. According to the China Business Daily, the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released data showing that the province’s annual number of new reported student infections in more than 100 cases, an average of 20 AIDS patients in one student.

Earlier, in November 2018, Han Mengjie, director of the Center for Aids Prevention at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, said at a press conference at the National Health and Reform Commission that in 2017, 3,077 new cases of AIDS were reported to college students nationwide. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has also released data showing that as of the end of June 2017, Beijing has reported 1,244 cases of HIV-infected students, of which the total number of HIV-infected students and patients in colleges and universities is 722.

In addition, an opinion piece published in the June 2019 issue of Science noted that the number of newly diagnosed HIV-infected college students in the country has grown at an annual rate of 30 to 50 per cent over the past few years. However, the National Health and Reform Commission AIDS clinical experts working group leader, the Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Ditan Hospital Professor Zhang Fujie told the interface news, in recent years, the incidence of AIDS and the death rate rose, not the spread of the AIDS epidemic, but compared with the past increased screening efforts, reported more AIDS cases.

“From the published data, the case of college students is not many, but also relatively stable, just because it is the social elite, so the impact on everyone is relatively large. “A researcher at the CDC’s Aids Center told Interface News that this age group is in a critical period of transition to society, and that college students will have good preventive effects if they learn to protect themselves.

Data on HIV infection among young students show that unsafe sex, especially male-male sex, is the main risk factor for HIV infection among young students. Hubei Daily quoted experts from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention as saying that all newly discovered infections this year were sexually transmitted infections, with the proportion of same-sex and heterosexual transmission at 91.3% and 8.7%, respectively, with the new reported cases mainly male.

The “Research on the Risk spread of HIV infection and spread among young students” published in The Journal of China AIDS IN October 2019 argues that the increase in high-risk sexual behavior, inadequate sex education in schools and the promotion of social networking platforms are the main reasons for the high risk of HIV infection among young students.

Han Mengjie pointed out at a press conference, the student group awareness of AIDS is not low, but after investigation, “students who have had sexual experience, condom use rate of less than 40%”, the group is in a period of sexual activity, easy to be affected by the outside world, unsafe sex.

In response to the situation of AIDS infection among young student groups, the General Office of the Ministry of Education recently issued a special “on the 2019 “World AIDS Day” publicity activities notice, said that all regions should enhance the prevention of AIDS education targeted and effective, and effectively improve the awareness of young students to protect themselves and prevent AIDS, Improve the awareness of AIDS testing among teachers and students, help to recognize and put an end to the spread of high-risk BEHAVIOR of AIDS.

In fact, as early as July 2015, the Ministry of Education General Office and the former National Health and Planning Commission Office has jointly issued “on the establishment of an epidemic notification system to strengthen the school AIDS prevention and control work notice”, the university AIDS prevention and control pilot work began to start. In 2016, the Ministry of Education, on the basis of the pilot of 46 colleges and universities in 11 provinces, expanded the scope to 94 colleges and universities in 31 provinces, and issued a special “Notice on the Pilot ing-up to the prevention and control of AIDS in colleges and universities”, and decided to carry out a three-year pilot project.

In October this year, the National Health and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and other ten departments also issued the “Stop the spread of AIDS implementation program (2019-2022)”, and “student AIDS prevention education project” included in it, the general higher education institutions, vocational colleges in the freshman entrance examination in the issuance of AIDS prevention education prescriptions, A lecture on AIDS prevention and control is offered at least 1 class per academic year.

However, many college students do not receive the correct and adequate knowledge of sex education. Li Guancho, a postdoctoral fellow at Tsinghua University’s Comprehensive AIDS Research Center, told Interface News that the lack of sex education is the main reason why college students are infected with AIDS.

Li Li (pseudonym), a teacher at a Beijing university engaged in AIDS health education, told The Interface News that the school has about 8,000 freshmen from more than 20 colleges each year, but AIDS prevention and control lectures do not cover the entire population, because of time, energy and willingness to participate in the lecture can only be carried out in some colleges, The actual attendance rate of the number of students is not optimistic, “freshmen may have AIDS education, but specifically take out a class to do AIDS work very little, almost mentioned.” Li Li said.

Li Li is responsible for the community had planned to conduct more lectures and increase screening of new students, but with other units in the school, the other side had to need red-headed documents, leadership approval as the reason for the push, that AIDS “is not suitable for publicity.”

“In recent years, after the country’s frequent texting, for colleges and universities more like a mandatory requirement, but some university administrators are not very active in promoting,” Li said, “there is still a lack of scientific assessment of the entire chain of prevention and control, resulting in many schools of AIDS education courses on the surface, just simply complete the indicators.” “

In what form to share AIDS knowledge, can increase the willingness of college students to actively consult, test? Li believes that student organizations can work with public health professionals to disseminate basic information about AIDS in a more attractive way through the Internet, telephone and social media.

There are already colleges and universities trying new ways. Interface news learned that Tsinghua University Red Cross on the design of “secret room escape”, “wolf kill” and other game forms, so that students in the game entertainment at the same time can also better understand AIDS-related knowledge.

“Young students have weak awareness of safety behavior, and society’s stigma over AIDS has also led students to dare not test FOR AIDS, or to actively conceal their identity when testing. Even if measured out, also dare not to confirm and treat. “Wuhan Wuchang District for the first social work service center executive director, engaged in AIDS prevention and control work for 10 years Huang Haojie believes that if the vast majority of infected people can know their infection status, and timely treatment, the possibility of transmission to others will be greatly reduced.”

Han Mengjie said at the 2018 Health and Health Commission press conference, in order to help young students improve the detection rate, there are currently 11 provinces, 52 colleges and universities set up a campus self-help testing services, “can buy their own diagnostic reagents.” After taking urine, urine can be sent to the urine recycler, where he can be tested by a professional body, and he (student) can obtain his or her test results through the Internet and mobile phone. “

Li Guancho pointed out that vending machines can also play an educational role. It is understood that this vending machine is placed in the teaching building, mainly selling common snacks, but also sell HIV testing kits, “to provide college students with a channel for AIDS testing, but also a reminder.” “

In addition, the interface news noted that China’s AIDS prevention and control education has also begun to extend to the primary and secondary education system. The National Health and Reform Commission’s Disease Prevention and Control Bureau on November 30 in the release of relevant data mentioned the student AIDS prevention education project, and said, “to improve and implement the epidemic notification mechanism and regular consultation mechanism, the establishment of the school leadership led by the AIDS prevention and control leadership group, the implementation of the junior high school 6 hours, high school 4 hours of AIDS prevention education time To implement the teaching tasks of ordinary colleges and vocational colleges to prevent AIDS. “

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