Research has shown that holding hands not only syncs brain waves but also relieves headaches.

A study from the University of Haifa in Israel found that physical contact with close people can synchronize people’s brain waves. And the closer the relationship, the more obvious the magical effect. Professor Simone, of the research team, added: ‘This study is the first to show that the brain waves are synchronized during a handshake. Brainwaves can be synchronized, mom no longer have to worry about i can’t find a soul mate.

Research has shown that holding hands not only syncs brain waves but also relieves headaches.

So how does science prove this magic phenomenon?

First, they tested physical contact between strangers or lovers to see how different people’s touches affect people’s perception of pain. When the tester’s arm is stimulated by a similar heat to minor burns, holding hands with a partner can reduce the pain caused by the stimulation and make them feel better. The more empathy they get from their partner, the lower their assessment of pain. However, a stranger’s touch does not have the same effect, the touch between strangers does not reduce pain, and their pain assessment after being touched by a stranger is the same as the pain assessment when they are tested alone.

To explain how a partner’s touch brings such benefits, the researchers repeated the experiment using a new electroencephalogram technique that allows them to measure brain signals from both sides at the same time. They found that when one side felt pain, holding hands between partners synchronized the two men’s brain waves and the cells discharged in the same pattern in the same location. In this case, the higher the synchronization between the two brains, the stronger the empathy, and the more pain can be relieved.

Recently, the researchers conducted the experiment again while the couple received a functional mrI scan. First, scan one of your partners, then have the other hold his hand, and then they swap positions and have another MRI scan. Both partners show signs of activity in the lower upper lobes, which are the location of mirror neurons in the brain, which again suggests that synchronization in this region is closely related to empathy and pain relief.

In people who experience pain, holding hands can lead to reduced activity on the brain island, the area most associated with pain. However, the unscanned couple did not show any activity in the area, meaning that while they held hands and were able to synchronize themselves with their partner’s brainwaves, they did not actually feel pain themselves.

It is important to note that the pain signals from the arm (which scientists call pain sensation) have not changed at all. But when people hold their partner’s hand, their perception of pain signals is different.

In addition, studies have shown that social interactions can synchronize people’s breathing, heart rate, and brain waves. Pain usually speeds up people’s heart rate, so the presence and care of a partner can synchronize the breathing, heart rate and brain waves of people who are experiencing pain, keeping their heart rate less fast and keeping them calm, which can also minimize their feelings of pain. Another possibility is that touching, empathy, and brain synchronization are already pleasant, activating the brain’s reward area and relieving pain.

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