AMD marketers worry 64-core Ripper Threadripper 3990X benchmark can’t find rivals

Multi-core in hand, the world I have. In 2019, led by AMD’s 7nm Zen2, multi-core processors have taken a new level, with a 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X on the mainstream processor market, a new generation of 32-core 64-threaded processors on the HEDT fever platform, and a 64-core 128-threaded Ryzen Threadripper next year. 3990X processor.

AMD marketers worry 64-core Ripper Threadripper 3990X benchmark can't find rivals

In this nuclear war, friends because of the insistence on the use of native multi-core, the core number can not be hard, the server up to 28 core 56 threads, the desktop up to 18 core 32 threads. The problem now is not only that friends are worried about competition, AMD’s marketers also have to worry about reporting, because they can’t choose the standard product when competing.

According to the latest AMD marketing materials, AMD’s designated opponents for the 24-core, 32-core Ryelon TR 3960X and TR 3970X are Core i9-10980XE, Core i9-10920X.

AMD marketers worry 64-core Ripper Threadripper 3990X benchmark can't find rivals

From the past, this pair is no problem, both sides are HEDT platform products, but this year the situation has changed, the opponent’s HEDT platform processor cut by 50%, 18 core maximum as long as 979 dollars, and AMD side TR 3970X price is 1999 dollars, the price doubled, Neither is a level.

As for the 64-core Ryzen 9 3990X processor, AMD’s marketers are even more worried – look at the world, no processor can be its rival, and it’s still TBA to be determined, but if you look at the situation, it’s unlikely that there will be a rival of the same class in the next year or two.

Of course, the 64-core Ryzen TR 3990X processor is now not fixed many indicators, in addition to know that it is 64C/128T, 288MB cache, 280W TDP, CPU frequency, acceleration frequency, memory frequency, channel, etc. are unknown.

It’s worth noting that the rye TR 3990X uses a platform that is also sTRX4, and while this is not too fresh to confirm, it looks like the rumored eight-channel memory TRX80 platform should be gone, and AMD is unlikely to have a new host series just for this 64-core processor.

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