French legislation boycotts Black Friday: Because it’s ‘unfriendly and anti-human’

A special committee of the French National Assembly amended the Anti-Waste Act to ban Black Friday promotions, citing opposition to “excessive consumption”. It comes at a time when French “Black Friday” price-cutting is in full swing. The MPs said the consumption pattern was “unenvironmentally environmentally friendly and anti-social” in nature. They recommend eddus black Friday advertising as an “infestation business act” punishable by up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros. The adoption of the amendment will be submitted to the General Assembly for a vote on 9 December.

French legislation boycotts Black Friday: Because it's 'unfriendly and anti-human'

Earlier, France’s environment minister, Elisabeth Borner, warned of the “consumer frenzy and negative environmental impact” triggered by Black Friday. In an effort to resist cheap promotions, local environmental groups are planning to stage protests across France under the slogan “Ban Friday.”

This year’s Black Friday is expected to be 41% higher than last year, according to French business websites. From November 29th to December 1st, retail sales will total 5.9 billion euros.

More than 200 manufacturers in France have joined a group called “Restore Green Friday” to boycott Black Friday. Its manufacturers’ representatives argue that Black Friday is a commercial initiative that pays significant social and environmental costs and should be banned.

Black Friday is based on U.S. Christmas promotions, which take place on the last Friday in November, usually the last chance for merchants to boost annual sales.

But when the business model was introduced in France, it often triggered a rush of consumer shopping, leading to criticism of irrational consumption.

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